Thursday, May 23, 2013

I previouse had used the same foam mat from Lowes to cover our Kithen floor area. After our break-in trip wanted something in the bathroom, so decided to use the same materials.

Took measurements of the bathroom floor. Note same gray mat runner from kitchen floor.

Used two sheets of paper taped together. Wall next to the shower was used for the squaring and measuring.  After initial cutting had to make a few small cuts.  The 34 1/2   x 34 1/2 is a rough estiimate of our bathroom (2350) floor without all the nooks and crannies.

I used the template to cut the foam.. note! take your time mat is right side up. I had it turned over on the flat side to draw the pattern on it. Also no markings show up. Used a new razor.  Make sure you have something under the cut so the blade does not tear something up.
Again mat upside down, used a inexpensive rug with foam backing about 1/4inch. Cut out the black areas.
Foam mat inserted into the bathroom. Note how it aligns up with Kitchen mat lines.

Rug on top of mat. No problem with door. 
Overall very satisfied with the project. If you do this project take your time it does get a little tedious with the measuring and cutting. The wife loves the comfort.  The cost was about $16.00 dollars. Buy two yards of the foam mat.. one rug.  I use extra pieces all over the Cruiser cabinents, storage etc.
Last note:  I take the mats and rugs up when we are not planning a trip. Take the foam mat out wash it off, roll it up, put it back in the PC not on the floor. Rugs clean up, do the same. Day before we travel put the rugs and gray mat down ready to go and nice and clean.  While traveling no problem cleaning use a broom and small vacum to keep floor fairly clean.